I'm Clarinda Vail and I am running For Mayor of Tusayan.

I have lived in Tusayan all of my life. And I am running for Mayor because the current Mayor has needlessly wasted millions of dollars on things such as a failed affordable housing project, Washington D.C. lobbyists, countless consultants, fines and penalties. It’s an unfortunate record of failure, but if we work together and make some changes, there can be better days ahead for Tusayan.

Tusayan generates about $4.5 million a year in tax revenues.  Tusayan employees and residents should be benefitting. That’s why I am proposing that residents, which have worked in Tusayan for over a year, would be eligible for excess tax money directly to them.  So you could get a one-time payment of approximately $6,000 and then an annual payment of about $3,000 (economy dependent.) Money that could help residents during a crisis, such as the pandemic we are living through now, or during the variety of Grand Canyon National Park closures we have witnessed over the years.

Think of it as a refund to residents for a decade of failure.  It’s your money, not theirs.

While nearly $8 million has been wasted on an affordable housing project that has not built any housing, the current leadership has failed to deliver a sports complex with soccer fields and ball fields the community has sought.

I have a lifetime of public service in Tusayan that includes serving on the Grand Canyon School District Governing Board, The Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce, and the Grand Canyon Rotary Club just to name a few.

I am asking for your vote because Tusayan belongs to its residents and not highly paid lobbyists and special interests. Let’s reverse a decade of failure so there can be better days ahead for Tusayan.