Money In YOUR Pocket NOT Somebody Else’s!

Because Tusayan is blessed with a vigorous tourism industry, the Town generates about $4.5 million a year in tax revenues.

Sadly, Tusayan has not made the best use of its tax dollars. For years it hoarded those dollars, saving them for projects that never got built. Tusayan, under the leadership of Mayor Sanderson and the former Town Manager, wasted nearly $8 million on the Ten-X ‘affordable housing’ project.

The Town spends between $10,000 and $15,000 on Washington DC lobbyists to garner support for an unpopular and environmentally damaging development project. The Town has wasted countless dollars on consultants and lawyers.

This has to end. Tusayan was incorporated ten years ago. Millions have been wasted. Very little has been accomplished.

The best use of these tax dollars would be to give surpluses to the people of Tusayan. The money would come in handy as residents deal with the COVID-19 crisis, or a future Grand Canyon Closure caused by yet another government shutdown.

Retuning the current surplus, with enough set aside for emergencies, would see each resident collect about $6,000.  Depending on the economy, a surplus return could amount to about $3,000 year. For the record, my husband and I would return any surplus payments we receive back to the Town coffers.

I have researched this surplus return proposal and believe it to be not only legally sound but the right thing to do. The people of Tusayan not the powerful should benefit from its tax dollars. Together, we can build a better Tusayan with better days ahead.