Tax Dollars Should Go To You, Not The Few

Over the years Tusayan has built up an approximately $8 million surplus.

That’s why I have worked hard to make good on my campaign promise to distribute some of that taxpayer surplus to those that work in Tusayan, but once again special interests are getting in the way.  Vice Mayor Brady Harris voted against direct cash payments to Tusayan workers. Instead, he has supported the possibility of the HYDRO Water Company purchase that could see Tusayan spend millions to purchase and upgrade a private water system. WHY?

A study commissioned by the PREVIOUS Town Council estimates its value at $1.1 million. The study also says it could cost over $7 million in required upgrades! I oppose this disaster in the making. I would rather see Tusayan’s taxpayer resources benefit those that work in Tusayan, not private developers.

I already fought to get federal COVID relief funds paid directly to Tusayan workers even though Vice Mayor Brady Harris was against it. I am now fighting to expand this idea to get more Tusayan surplus funds into the hands of those that live and work here.