Tusayan Deserves A Mayor Who Believes In You… Not A Bunch Of Bull From Someone Who Just Wants A Title For Themselves.

Dear Tusayan Residents,

I have lived in Tusayan all of my life, and I believe there is no higher calling than wanting to serve the people of this great community.

Unlike my opponent, Vice Mayor Brady Harris, I do not view the Tusayan Mayor’s office as a steppingstone for higher political aspirations. When I asked Brady why he was running for mayor, he said he has “higher political aspirations.” I have no desire to be anything other than your mayor.

There is plenty of great work to be done in Tusayan.

As business owners, my family has invested the time and money to build quality employee housing while others relied on aging trailers or wasted millions on a failed housing project that would only benefit an elite few. And I am now working with area stakeholders to get more quality housing built. My opponent talks a good game, but he has done nothing in his years on the council to advance this issue. Actions speak louder than bull.

I worked to get people who live and work in Tusayan direct cash payments of more than $500 from a federal COVID relief fund. Brady Harris opposed this, as well as my proposal to use a portion of Tusayan’s surplus to benefit Tusayan residents and workers.

My opponent would rather bail out a developer by having the Town purchase an unneeded and aging water company. This boondoggle could cost Tusayan more than $7 million in acquisition and upgrades. Taxpayers should not be taken for a ride with this or any project.

Harris opines about needed road improvements when he voted against many of the much-needed improvements that have happened or are coming soon.

Good government relies on hard work and a willingness to take the bull by the horns. Politicians rely on bull.

I only want to be your mayor. I humbly ask for your vote. Election Day is August 2nd or look for your early ballot in the mail.